Friday, September 20, 2013

Brief Intermission

Sorry this blog has been a ghost town lately.  There's been a bit of the Crazy Train and now I'm trying to get involved in more things (not at all anxious)../sarcasm.

No one's wanted to hire me yet, so I'm going to look into volunteer opportunities. 

I'll update when I can! :)

Maple Syrup. Not.

I've been on a feverish lookout for maple syrup.  REAL maple syrup.  Turns out it doesn't exist here.. and if it does, it's very rare. 

I was browsing a (now favourite) health food store and low and behold - the gates of heaven opened.  There it was on the shelf, with the familiar-looking tin.  Real maple syrup.  From Canada.  Hell yeah.  I picked that sucker up.  €16 (500ml).

I came home and was all happy and excited and told W. of my purchase.  I made pancakes the following Sunday morning just to celebrate. 

With caution and intent, I placed one pancake on my plate, put on some butter, drizzled the syrup, cut into them and took my first bite.  First... I was content.  Happy.  A familiar taste.  But wait, what's that?  It tastes a bit different.  *Way* sweeter than I'm used to. 

Yeah.  I didn't entirely notice the front (I blame tunnel vision).  Grade: C+.  As in.. not the prime maple syrup you're used to buying from the store (most likely, in that area) or your market vendor.  It's the last pick of the season.  Probably over-boiled.  There's also a more sharp smell to it, if that makes any sense.  You can smell the sugar. 

So.. I'm sad.  I'm going to have to ask for Canadian Maple Syrup supplies just to live :P  I have a plan, though.  To import it, maybe make a little money and show the Dutch what *real* syrup is ;)  Doing research at the moment and we'll see what the process holds. 

Wish me luck!

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