Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Morning.  I'm writing you on a not-so early morning (it's 7am) with my oatmeal and milk.  Ooh.. I should brew some coffee.  Hmm.. my stomach says 'too harsh', so a pot of tea it is.  God will have to forgive me for not going to Mass this morning.  I didn't get a great sleep last night and wanted to sleep in a little. Even when I decided I could feel like crap the rest of the day, the rain was a factor (I walk there).  I'll be going there later today anyways, so I'll apologize then :p

Have a few things on my mind, so I'm going to spew my typical random babble.  Besides, it's been a while since I've sat and caught up with you, so it's overdue.

Work is... going.  Days are fine, though I seriously have to get new shoes.  The non-slips I wear are killing my feet, and my back and knees.  I think I'm going to wear normal running shoes with a non-slip cover.  I'm getting okay hours, but not what I was hoping.  Yet. Lots of changes at work so they're keeping us on our toes.  I think sometimes, they like nothing better to do than mess with our heads and see how much torment we can actually take.  Sadistic, they are I tell you.

There's a new special friendship forming (we'll call him J.C. ha! I just caught the irony of his initials).  God has definitely had a hand in this, so I'm anxious to see how it goes.  He's already been there for a lot.

When I see an opportunity of a potential relationship (not to imply *that's* where that friendship is going. It's not my decision and it may or may not and I'm not expecting anything, but to be fair, I'm a girl and this is where my head goes) I initially get happy, but then I get very, very scared.  I haven't been looking for anything (for a reason; I realized it wasn't time and I wasn't ready).  My point of view of relationships has changed (priorities, needs, expectations, desires) and when I stare into the eyes of someday having a major relationship again, ugh, I start to freak out.  Not in a bad way; I mean, it's good, but it's just that... well, I'm scared.  Not only for something new, I think, but because those new ideals are being challenged.  I don't jump into things heart first anymore (thanks K), or if I do, I keep it reserved (is this what normal people do??).  I'm scared of being hurt again. I'm scared of letting all abandon go and being consumed by something (though wanting it at the same time).  Boy oh boy.  Well, my eyes have been opened and I've been given a bit of a reality check.  Now I can sit back, try and let all this worry go and relax until something *wonderful* comes along.

That's a lot of philosophizing for first thing in the morning, isn't it?

I have to stay at home today until a shipment comes; I missed UPS yesterday.  Got a couple books on Amazon on the Black Friday sales (ooh! CZ - I got the Jaime Oliver book!).  Then I hope to run some errands this afternoon.  Please pray to the UPS gods I get the shipment in the morning, not afternoon.

I'm finishing my fourth (and final!) assignment.  Thank God.  Then I write my final in December and I'm DONE!  I'm so ready for this to be over.  While I love learning, my brain needs a break.

I need to start knitting again.

How's your Christmas shopping going?  I'm half done.  Some people needs additional gifts, some I haven't bought for yet.  I really should make a list.

Well, I looked on the radar and it doesn't seem to be letting up.  Ah well, that's why man made umbrellas.

Hope your week is a good one!

Monday, November 22, 2010


Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.  The time will pass anyway; we might as well put that passing time to the best possible use.
~ Earl Nightingale

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While I'm sitting at the computer, thought I'd throw in a few pictures.

This one's for you, Bix :)

Just hangin' out.

Yum.  My neighbour has a part-time job baking organic bread nearby and I buy a loaf now and then.  It's as good as it looks.  I know this is really random, but I wanted to show you this amazing bread (really, who cares about bread??  Apparently I do).  

...and this is the yummy sammich I made with that bread (freshly shaved rosemary ham, smoked turkey, cheese, lettuce and I think there's tomato in there somewhere).  YUM.

That is all for today's randomness.

A Lot Of Changes

A lot of health babble.  Skip if this doesn't interest you.  I won't be offended ;)

Well, this morning I had my appointment with the endocrinologist.  FINALLY.  That appointment seemed to take forever (as it turns out, thanks to my doc. I told him it took 4 months to get that app't and he said that my GP didn't write much, other than "Hypoglycemia?", so there was no rush. Nice, eh?).  Fact 1: He liked to listen to himself talk, I think.  He did a lot of that.  At first I thought he was spouting a lot of usual b.s that's in the textbooks that he's studied and knows by heart, but it turned out that he *did* listen to what I had to say and he *did* regurgitate back information pertaining to certain issues.  So you can take that however you like, I guess.  He really did talk a lot and he was soft-spoken, so that was a challenge.  Fact 2: He listened to my concerns and I'm *finally* getting my thyroid checked.  In fact, it was no issue to him at all.  Fact 3: He was honest and said it how it was; "I don't think that's what it is and I think *you* know that's not what it is, but we'll test it to confirm process of elimination and to alleviate any larger concerns".  Y'know what?  Deal.  That's all I ask.

We know it's not hypoglycemia; I just don't have the numbers.  My argument is, why do I have the symptoms but not the numbers?  (To which I argue it might be hormonal.)  That, he said, can be anything.  But, we're going to look into it and he gave me a name of another gastroenterologist that can help; one that's more new to the scene and updated on things the other (longer-in-the-game) gastro may have missed.  He understands the last one just didn't understand what was wrong, slapped a label on it because they don't investigate further and done and wash their hands of it (to which I kind of freaked out and said, "But WHY don't they find a solution?!" Heh. Oops.  He responded, "Some things we're just not meant to understand. Why do certain people get cancer?"  Touche).  He also thinks IBS is just a blanket term on a grander problem.  When he said that, he won me over, because I've felt that since Day One.  That eased me a LOT.

Stopped in at my chiropractors office after on the way back downtown and chanced it to see if she had a spare moment to do an adjustment (without an app't).  Luck be have it, she did!  So I got an adjustment and we talked about things and she suggested a change in diet (well, duh).  Ready for this?  Instead of oatmeal and orange juice in the morning, I have to have steel cut oats (I thought you'd like that, Bix), egg and milk.  NO (orange) JUICE.  I might cry a little 'cause I love my juice in the morning (you have no idea.. I'm really attached to it!) but it programs my brain to crave sugar the rest of the day - and I do - so that's not healthy.  Basically she wants me to try the Atkins Diet for 2 weeks.  Even one week, if I can manage.  "You need to give your pancreas a break," she says.  So true.  Sigh.  I'll try.  But how do you change 34 years of eating?!


So, we're doing some blood work and we'll go from there.  Not sure what else there is to mention.  Will keep you posted!

Monday, November 15, 2010


".... that's because when you distance your self from your loved ones you deny them what you don't want, and in the end only you can only get back the experience you deliver."

I read this in my horoscope again (boy that's a good site) but I think that's a fantastically articulated quote.  Something I've been wrestling with lately as I find I've uncharacteristically built a lot more walls up than ever in the past.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Lest We Forget

It's end of day, I'm tired and it's past my bedtime.. but I wanted to give a quick word about Remembrance Day.

Went to the service downtown (as I do every year) and it was good.  We had a veteran key speaker and he was *fantastic*.  I overheard someone say that was the most moving speech they've heard ever - I'd have to agree.

I want to forward 2 sites to you.

Cup of Joe for a Joe - donate a cup of coffee to a service member for only $2!  It just might brighten someone's day.  It's easy and I've done several.

Soldiers' Angels - This site has various activities you can do; donate money, time, crafted items, write letters, etc.  Anything you do would be appreciated.

Check them out!  Wherever there is a service member, there is a family attached to them. The service member works hard, but so does the family - at keeping them all together.

The only thing harder than being a soldier, is loving one.  This I know firsthand.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Drink Milk?

Borrowed video from a post by Bix at Fanatic Cook.

In the States?  Drink milk?  Care about what's in your milk?  You might want to see this, a blurb about Eli Lilly, which is a pharmaceutical company in the States (as the video says, for example, they create drugs for treatment of breast cancer).  Ironically, they also manufacture rBGH, a synthetic hormone that is injected into dairy cows, whose milk is believed to increase the risk of cancer.  That hormone was sold to them by none other than.... Monsanto.  Thankfully, it's banned here.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet.  Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired and success achieved.
~ Helen Keller

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Week So Far...

Just chillin' with some jazz on in the background, trying to take in the day.  It was my first day of being trained on days at work.  My co-workers and I are wondering why I was trained on one of the more challenging floors/routines at first, but I'm just rolling with it (I've learned where to spend my energy questioning things, and where not to).  So... I was up at 0500 this morning and oddly... it wasn't that difficult.  I was reluctant to get out of my warm bed, I won't lie.  It was also a little hard to stay alert, whilst feeling half awake, trying to take in all this new information.  I'm not sure how much stuck.  I'll have to wait till tomorrow morning to find out (I'm going to try to do most of it myself).

I had this past weekend off and it was good; had a small dinner party Sunday night complete with turkey breast, green beans, purple potatoes, apple crisp & vanilla ice cream.  Yum.  Oh, and with a couple of people I see not near as often as I'd like ;)

Monday was work while Tuesday and Wednesday were dealing with a bag of apples I got at market the previous Saturday.  I ended up making 5 mini apple crisps (to freeze - hopefully give as gifts and/or for myself at a later date), apple chips (first time.. and YUM) and apple sauce (also first time).  I froze some sauce and kept some in the fridge.  I'll thaw and cook one of the apple crisps myself to see how they turned out (I've never frozen it before).  Literally for 2 days I didn't leave the kitchen.  It was nice :)  I almost made cookies, too, but I was starting to get tired (despite my ambition).

Got my second assignment back; still in the 90's.  I don't think I've gotten 90's in my life so I'm still a little in shock.

Had a meeting with my department director today and it went very well; it lasted an hour.  She surprises me sometimes... for all the (appearing, to some) asinine changes that are happening in our department, she knows what's going on.  Or maybe she's just really good at bluffing.  Ah well, either way, that's why she gets paid the big bucks.  I got positive feedback from the recent Leadership sessions I took and she thinks I'm going in the right direction.  I got a couple of ideas for inspiration so I hope to act on them.

Okay, I think that's all.  I'm bloody tired and it's only 20:09 - and I don't care.  I'll be going to bed in an hour or so (I say that, but I'll want to watch Greys, so I might veg on the couch).  I feel bad that I didn't make it to Mass tonight (or choir for that fact), but I feel better taking it easy at home.  I'll go next Thursday when I feel a little more used to the new schedule.

For those of you who I haven't spoken to in a while.. drop a line. I wonder how you're doing :)

Hope everyone else had a great week as it comes to a close.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

Back.. With Pictures!

I don't think I've never posted for an entire week before.  Sorry.  More studying, more self-learning.  So.. to make it up to you, I'm going to add pictures today (that I've been meaning to post for weeks now).  (CZ - I'll have your USB drive for you this week, pictures uploaded.)

Enjoy!  Fall 2010.  Hope it brightens your day as winter is approaching us (we had snow for the first time yesterday!).  Please click them to make them bigger, they really do look better.

I was walking to JK's one day and caught this tree.  I love fall trees that have all the colours; red, green, yellow.  

The walk to work one day

As I entered the park on a walk, all I could hear was 'crunch, crunch, crunch'.  It was marvelous :)


I really love this picture when it's enlarged.  A sea of gold...

I was laying on the ground on a slight hill, enjoying the sun and I thought I'd look up.  I took a few other pictures, but then I found this guy.  I had to act fast.  A blue jay, I believe?

This and the next few were while I was laying on the ground.  I channeled my inner A. (Thanks A. :) ).

That's all for today.  Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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